Digital Business Models




Avatars, simulations, training sessions, online portals, video tutorials, podcasts, print, e-learning, chat bots, webinars – we make the most of technological media opportunities, for a sustainable exchange of knowledge. One of our specialties: building practical knowledge.

Medicine / Health

BlueOcean Perspectives sees itself as a medical innovator, which implements new knowledge – developed at a growing speed – acquired from research for professional target groups on the application side, in an efficient and sustainable manner.


BlueOcean Perspectives relies on the genuine benefits of digital forms of learning; higher effectiveness, faster success, storing knowledge for longer periods, guaranteed to keep up with the times. Complex didactic systems which provide individual feedback, and make success a measurable quantity, are the essence of our work – whether it involves medicine, or other areas of knowledge.

Current projects: 

our work at a glance

My specialty: the hybrid solution

BlueOcean Perspectives carries out projects in the fields of media, heath / medicine and training, and focuses on digital business models in these fields.

I do not just favor purely digital models; I also favor hybrid solutions which unite the strengths of digitalization with the ‘real world’. You too? Then I look forward to hearing from you. Because an exchange of views is what inspires me.

Dr. Alexander Bob CEO