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Our offers make it possible to acquire knowledge and train it in an application-oriented manner, until you can master it with skill and certainty.


We use gamification to motivate you, giving you increasingly harder cases on a level by level basis, so that you can obtain even more skill and certainty.


Complex didactic concepts mean that you will be able to make use of your freshly acquired knowledge in the long term. This makes learning and gathering experience child’s play.


We will give you responsibility for our (virtual) patients, and enough room to treat them, to make decisions, to succeed, but also to learn from your mistakes.


The detailed feedback that you will receive in various ways in our application is essential for your learning to succeed. Our users find this especially helpful, as it is a fact that there is nearly always no time for feedback in the hectic atmosphere of the clinical working day.


We work with experienced authors who pass their knowledge and expertise on to you directly in the simulations.


We use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, avatars, and robots, in order to aim for maximum success and ways of using your acquired knowledge, and developing your skills, with high levels of efficiency and productivity.


We use the benefits of the digital revolution to quickly develop solutions with high precision, and to hone users’ talents in a targeted manner. We have set up the system in a way that enables us to learn directly from user behavior, so that we can continue to adapt the content and structure of the system accordingly.


We deal with all partners fairly, openly, and clearly.

Our strategic direction

In most cases, the Blue Ocean Strategy, developed at the INSEAD Business School by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, could be a catch-all term: business ideas, business models and strategies, which are not merely content with making incremental improvements in order to survive in the blood-red ocean of corporate competition, but which represent genuine innovations which are essentially in a position to newly define and open up markets.

These new perspectives for corporate opportunities, in accordance with the competition-oriented strategy by Michael E. Porter, have been a major inspiration for BlueOcean.

Digitalisierung im Alltag
Digitalisierung im Alltag

Our processes

We develop our projects with an agile development approach, which gives us the opportunity at any time to make changes, and to continually adapt findings from research and technology. This method also allows our staff a high level of participation opportunities. We work with a large number of external experts in order to do justice to each specialist field associated with our project. The phrase ‘development community’ should make it clear that we are not a consultancy firm, and do not practice detached strategy development. We develop genuine innovations from ideas. We can be measured by our market success, which is a crucial aspect of the concept of innovation.

Topics that concern us


Further topics

  • Simulations
  • SEO
  • Reality-based training sessions
  • Training
  • Speaking and understanding languages
  • Obtaining medical histories
  • Conducting dialogs with a real-life basis
  • Linguistic robots
  • Training medical conduct
  • Training decision-making and speed
  • Lifelong learning
  • Knowledge management
  • Brain training
  • Skills training