Dr. Alexander Bob

Dr. Alexander Bob Founder and CEO of BlueOcean Perspectives Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG.

Common denominator of earlier positions and activities: medicine, training, media, digital business models, using new technologies for developing new offers, managing innovations and strategies in the ages of digital-based technologies and disruptors.

  • as a medical student, founder and editor of the Dual textbook series, and other medical textbook series
  • qualified as a doctor of general medicine after five years’ clinical activity in internal medicine
  • member of the board of directors at Georg Thieme Verlag; responsible for program planning, innovations, and digital business (7 years)
  • together with his brother, Konstantin Bob, he founded invendo medical GmbH. Invendo develops sterile disposable endoscopes for hygienically safe endoscopies. in October 2017, he sold invendo medical GmbH to Ambu A/S (more)
  • board of Verlag Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus AG (8 years)
  • chairman of the board at the Franz-Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe, Berlin (7 years)
  • in April 2016, the first innovative projects as part of BlueOcean were developed

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The opportunities to provide mechanical learning, artificial intelligence, and chat bots for innovative and sustainable learning offers fascinates me. Specifically for doctors: because it is a fact that medical knowledge is doubled every five years. A rapid tempo with which doctors must keep up. Our mission is to raise the potential of new technologies in a variety of projects.

The service team

Bernd Kreissig

Leiter Software, Architektur und Modellierung

Burcu Yasar

Business Development, Leiterin Marketing/Vertrieb

Annette Steigert


Johannes Reichard


Daniela Lücke


Meike Franck

Leiterin Human Ressources & Organisationsentwicklung

Dr. Nora Schumacher

Medizinische Fachredakteurin, close2real.training

Dr. Carola Braun

Projektleiterin ekg.training, Medizinische Fachredakteurin

Philipp Mallmann

Experience Designer

Birgit Wagner

Business Administration

Katrin Brandt

Leiterin Produktion & Content Management

Thulisiwe Wolf

Medizinische Fachredakteurin, ekg.training

Martha Warncke

Werkstudentin Fachredaktion

Dr. Maren Winkler

Medizinische Fachredakteurin, close2real-medizinwiki

Dr. Erika Hernekamp

Medizinische Fachredakteurin, close2real.training

Aivin Bleich


Manuel Reusche

Medizinischer Fachredakteur, ekg.training

Karoline Kulke

Medizinische Fachredakteurin, ekg.training

Jonas Schwarz

Medizinischer Fachredakteur, ekg.training

Arlinda Saljiji

Werkstudentin Marketing

Ismail Saglam

Kaufmann Marketingkommunikation

Annika Wolfsberger

Werkstudentin Fachredaktion

Isabell Katzmarek

Werkstudentin Marketing

As well as the service team, BlueOcean works with doctors, native speakers, IT developers, editors, and web designers at full blast, and with plenty of enthusiasm for making your (work) life easier.

Would you like to become part of our team? Contact us at: bewerbungen@blueoceanperspectives.de