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What we are best at doing. Developing innovative, multi-media learning methods in the fields of healthcare, training, and media. Creating patient simulations with avatars, for case training in medicine. Making practical medical knowledge trainable. Under almost realistic conditions. Providing knowledge, training and decision-making security for doctors. Sustainable and verifiable. Bringing the supreme discipline of ECG diagnosis up to the highest clinical standard, in a clear and understandable manner. Building e-learning courses and specialist databases. Refreshing knowledge.

Training medical knowledge up to application safety, with avatars. enables doctors to obtain practical knowledge in a training area of your choice within a short period of time, which you would otherwise take years to obtain.

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The ECG trainer is an e-learning program for physicians, with two primary functions: e-learning and training.

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Doctors first source for Healthcare Information: Wikipedia.
close2real-medizinwiki is dedicated to improving the quality of medical information on his own medical-wiki

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Projects in the pipeline –┬á

Language courses are a dime a dozen – but be honest: can you really speak and write in the language of your choice, after having successfully completed a difficult language book or online course? Or can you conduct a dialog when out shopping, in a cafe, or even write an application and conduct an interview?

With, we would like to tackle this problem head on, and make you ready for daily conversations while traveling, for your stay abroad, your next conference, or your next business letter.

Try out an emergency case with avatars, and chat with them – and soon, you’ll be talking as fluently as if you had spent a long time in the country of your language. Our innovative language recognition programs and chat bots will be effective for this purpose.

If you would also like to become a part of this project, and are interested in working with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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