The ECG trainer is an e-learning program for physicians, with two primary functions:


Didactic, complex e-learning modules optimized for successful learning are offered here, and will enable you to acquire knowledge about ECG basics, up to and including ECG specialist topics, in a catchy manner that saves time.


Training will enable you to build up a sustainable level of experience in diagnosing ECGs: through didactically prepared, extensive ECG cases and sound, differentiated feedback.

ECG has become one of the most frequently used diagnostic processes. However, ECG courses are not a mandatory part of medical degrees. Many lack a good grounding in ECG diagnosis, which often reveals itself initially when there are ECGs in the overnight service, on the ward or in practice, and an emergency decision. is aimed exactly at remedying this, and follows the aim of sharing knowledge on the topic of ECGs in a catchy, time-saving manner; from the basics to clinical interpretations, from simple to specific ECGs.

The core of the offer will be the digital training camp, where each aspect of ECG analysis can be trained both individually and as part of a wider topic, until application safety. As well as training in ECG diagnostics, clinical assessment is naturally also an essential aspect of the program.

Curious? Interesting in helping to shape the digital future of medical training and advanced medical training on the topic of ECGs, and introducing your own learning modules or interesting ECGs? Join in, and send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.